Let's Get Started With C : Introduction

"C" is high level structured Oriented Language developed by "Dennis Ritchiin early 1970s. C was developed to write UNIX operating system. This language was formalized by ANSI (American National Standard Institute) in 1988. 

Now days C widely used by professionals to develop system software for example - Operating Systems, Compilers, Database, and Embedded Systems etc.

Initially Unix PDP-11 version was written in Assembly language. Assembly language specific for low level system design applications which is hard to write and understand. After that B language was developed but still could not survive much and then C was developed.

C was standardized by ANSI committee. If we say ANSI C that is this language follows ANSI standards.

Advantages/Features Of C

Procedural Language -

C is procedural language that means C provides set of predefined instructions that perform any task. These instructions are followed by step by step.

      Structure Programming Language-
     Structured programming means divide big problem in small modules and organize in proper way to be executed. Modules can be re-called.

     For example If we have to manage student data one module will work to take inputs, 2nd will work to calculate marks and percentage, 3rd module is responsible to give results and so on. 
     This kind of development approach called as Top-Down approach. C follows top-down approach.Programming Methodologies And Development Approach


C provides set of pre-defined functions librariesthat make coding clean and fast.For example to display any message on screen we don’t need to write coding for display, C provides printf()  it will print message on screen.


C language is portable that is create once and run anywhere”. If C program is written in

Windows operating system, we can run program in any ther operating system without
making any change.

Disadvantages Of C

1.   C Does not support exception handling.

2.   C Does not support run-time checking.

3.   C does not provide data security features

4.   C is not suitable for real-life based applications.

5. Buffer Overflow - This is major drawback, C does not provide any in-build protection to control over the access and storing data into memory. 

      You can see this problem while entering string value in memory.

How To Setup C


1.  Install Turbo C++/Visual C++ software for windows from internet.

2.  Default directory would be C:\TC

3.  Locate TC.exe from C:\TC\Bin and open it.

4.  You will have C’s screen now start writing programs.

Now start writing program then go to file menu and save file with extension .c, for example hello.c

Compile And Run The program:

To compile file press Alt+F9 or select compile option from Compile 

To run file press Ctrl+F9 or select run option from Run menu.

Press Alt+F5 to see the output on screen.

Note: C generates .exe file that can be run on any other environment.

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